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My College Experience So Far

The dreaded CAO form. For months on end, I poured over the college application form that would determine my future. In the end, after much deliberating and second-guessing myself, I finally settled on Law and Political Science in Trinity. And I can proudly say I have never looked back since.

I won’t lie, getting into a course of 581 points was no easy feat. But through sheer tenacity and hard work, I achieved my dream course, and my college life began on a euphoric note. So, how has my experience been so far? Simply, in a word, incredible. Coming from a small rural town, moving to the Big Smoke has really opened my eyes to the amazing world around me, and the fantastic, awe-inspiring people inhabiting it.

Where do I begin? There’s only twenty-three of us, which is literally one-tenth the size of the BESS course (Business, Economics and Social Studies.) What that effectively translates into is a family. Over the past six months, I have gotten to know these inspirational, uplifting and loving people; they are the people who are one day going to change the world. I finally feel like I have found my tribe in life, friends for life that I can always count on. And the best thing about my stellar friends is that I never, ever stop learning from them. When you chose to study a degree in Law and Political Science, naturally you would be acutely interested in current affairs. Our conversations flit deftly between a plethora of topics, shifting from feminism to the death penalty and then switching back to anarchism.

I walked into this course with a slight apprehension to the law side of my degree; six months later I find myself fully invested in the legal modules, enjoying them much more than I had initially envisioned. The law is such a dynamic subject, and it really stops and makes you question everything you ever thought you knew for certain.

Of course, there are a few things that aren’t perfect about my course. Take, for example, the hours. My friend once said that a law degree has Arts hours but STEM employment prospects. But there is a downside to having so few hours of college. Some days there can be six-hour gaps between classes, and naturally, in true student manner, we all have a nasty habit of procrastinating. I can’t tell you how many hours I have spent lounging on couches or wandering around aimlessly. You convince yourself you have an infinite supply of time, and that the work can be done later. It’s only the hour before the essay deadline when you are nailed to the desk and typing swiftly on your laptop in pure panic, that you regret your decision to neglect hard work.

And a warning: if you are considering doing Law and Political Science, you will have a mountain of readings to do. Chapters of readings in politics and economics, newspaper articles, three court cases to prepare for your contract law seminar, two additional court cases to be read for class, and sixty pages of sociology readings (which, at times, can be incredibly frustrating in their complexity.) And that is one week’s minimum quota. If you think you’ve covered all your bases and done all the readings, you are lying to yourself; there is always something more to be done. Sometimes I miss my old reliable notes for sixth-class, dictated to us by our teacher. But this is college, this is all about learning for yourself and becoming a committed individual who is willing to undertake an independent study to thrive.

The college has become the center of my universe. I can’t articulate how glad I am that I chose Law and Political Science in Trinity. I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world.

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