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Massive queues at ucc’s harry potter ‘sorting hat’ event

Massive numbers turned out in UCC for the Harry Potter Society’s (HPS) Sorting Hat Ceremony – the first of its kind in any Irish college.
A whole generation grew up reading JK Rowling’s seven-book masterclass, while also tuning into the eight Warner Bros movies, and it seems all of these people are now studying at third-level education.
The ceremony, which in the case of the Harry Potter series, took place every year for first years entering Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry – is now becoming a society tradition at UCC (one far less vulgar than David Cameron’s escapades at Oxford University).
HPS co-founder Kelly Coyle told the Ryan Tubridy Show that the queues to be ‘sorted’ went ‘all the way from the Aula Maxima in the university’s North Wing, out through the hall, out the doors up to the library and then all the way back across the campus again’.
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Photo: Anna Heverin – Twitter.
She described the event as a “festival of nerds”.
“It was our first big event, everyone came in and they got a ballot paper with three questions and they had to answer them.
“Then we sorted them into one of the four houses of Hogwarts so now they can partake in the House Cup for the rest of the year,” she said.
The society play quidditch and a tournament at UCC is imminent according to Ms Coyle.
“We basically recreate the whole Hogwarts experience.
“We’re gonna have things like a Nearly Headless Nick birthday part, a Horcrux hunt, Slughorn’s Christmas Club, Christmas Feast, Prisoner of Askaban trail and we’re doing a Tri-Wizard tournament with NUIG, DCU and UCD, so that’s pretty huge,” she added.
The first part of the tournament will begin in Cork in November, then move to Dublin for the second and culminate in Galway for the final challenge.