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Labour youth and labour women launch repeal the eighth amendment college campus campaign

The campus roadshow event that is set to be carried out in colleges all across the country this week had a number of information stands on why the 8th Amendment should be appealed.
Along with this campaign, there was also a stand registering students in an attempt to have as many people as possible behind the campaign.
Chair of the Labour Women, Sinead Ahern said at the event that students were crucially important in bringing about change in Ireland’s legislation before and that they will be vital in the upcoming referendum.
“Students have been pivotal in bringing about social change in Ireland and the SPUC V Grogan case in the late 80’s and early 90’s helped pave the way for the right to information on abortion services in Ireland. 
“Labour Women want to work with students to get rid of the Eighth Amendment from our constitution so that we can then enact legislation that protects women’s health.”
“We know that students are engaged with this issue and it’s great to see many Students’ Unions adopting pro-choice stances. It’s time the people had their say and we are encouraging students to question election candidates on where they stand on this issue,” she added.
Chair of Labour Youth, Jack Eustace, also added how disappointing it is that Ireland’s Constitution still prevents women from having full control over their bodies.
“It’s simply shocking that our constitution still prohibits women’s bodily autonomy.”
Mr. Eustace also went on to say it’s important for students to get behind the campaign, otherwise it could be many years in the future before a vote on the amendment is called for.
“So many students support repealing the 8th Amendment, but unless they get involved politically and push for it as a vital issue, it could be many years before a vote is called. 
“That’s why we’re running this campaign – to mobilise students and young activists within the Labour Party to ensure a pro-repeal the eighth government is elected next spring.”
The Labour group are set to visit UCD, Maynooth University, UCC, NUI Galway and DCU during the campaign where a huge number of students are expected to attend.