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International students happiest in ireland

The survey conducted by StudyPortels based its results on over 17,000 reviews which were added to its website over the course of the past academic year.
According to a recent article published in the UK Independent, Ireland colleges were appreciated for their community atmospheres, innovative programmes, support structures for students, as well as their multicultural mix and lively student life.
Maynooth University topped the ratings system with a score of 9.5+ points, subsequently receiving StudyPortals’ top ‘Outstanding’ international student satisfaction award. University College Cork, University of Limerick and NUI Galway also scored quite highly in ratings and all walked away with ‘Excellent’ awards. University College Dublin was rated at 8+ and deemed ‘Very Good’.
Despite a 3% decrease since last year, international student satisfaction continued to remain high in Europe, with 86% of students happy with their study abroad experience.
Photo: PROCollegeDegrees360/ Flickr