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From own blend tea leaves to printed t’s – iadt’s christmas market

Supported by the IADT Enterprise society it is a yearly run event to showcase student’s talent and make some Christmas cash. First year Business and Entrepreneurship students mandatorily run and create some of the stalls, where the creation of a business is part of their assessment. 
However all students are welcome to set up and sell from Visual Art students to Cultural Enterprise students. Graded or not there are some great products on sale.
From crepes and PS3 by a group of First Business and Entrepreneurship, who said they were doing well for themselves.
To Zen Hen Tea run by Aidan Walsh another first year Business student. Zen Hen Tea makes their own blend of tealeaves including a Christmas tea, which was delicious.
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Sean Hogan Fourth year Model Making student was selling his award nominated Rabbit and Paul graphic novel. Launched in Offaly last week Rabbit and Paul is up for three awards in the upcoming Irish Comic News awards. The nominations included Best Newcomer and Best Overall Comic. Self published and created Rabbit and Paul is a must for any comic lover.
Trudie Mitchell Third year Visual Arts Practice student was selling originally screen printed t-shirts.  Set up beside her was Neasa Rocks where Neasa Tierny was creating beautiful handmade jewelry from material found on the beach.
Seb Dungan First Year Business student was trying to beat the competition in the canteen by selling cans of coke for 80c. He was also selling bouncy balls.
So really there was something for everyone.
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