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Film making: a new ul society

Heading into UL, my only reservation was that there was no film making society already present in college.
Of course, UL already boasted a radio station, a college newspaper, a photography society and so many other creative societies, but it didn’t have a society that would attract me, a film lover.
I remember in September last year I posted a status on our fresher’s page, asking if there were others interested in creating a society. I got overwhelmingly positive feedback.
A few days later, a guy called Michael Boyle created a Facebook page called “Proposed Filmmaking Society UL”. Lots of people joined so I was thrilled.
It wasn’t until the middle of second semester before we got going on this. I posted on the page, asking if people were willing to meet to get started.
I was not alone in making this. I want to thank a number of people for helping us get started. Paul Lee from the Students’ Union, Michael Boyle, Maoilíosa Lydon and Ciarán O’ Donovan in particular for working with me and attending countless meetings to sort things out.
So many more people helped, whether it was attending meetings, sharing posts, tweeting and spreading the word verbally.
These past two weeks we have been talking about logos for flyers, and we’re appealing for those talented at designing banners and flyers to get in contact to help us out.
We’ve been discussing special guests we could possibly have, planning lessons and sourcing information on film making to prepare for the coming year.
I can remember us reviewing our constitution multiple times, tweaking different sections and adding things before we could submit it.
One of our primary goals is to teach the theory of film making first, before we head into the fun part of actually creating original films of our own. We’re all extremely hopeful and excited for this opportunity.
We’re hoping to recruit new members by advertising the society on our Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter.
In September, UL is holding its annual recruitment drive where societies endeavour to recruit first years and other students to join societies.
So to incoming first years, we invite you to get involved if you’re curious about filmmaking, have a love for films or have experience in filmmaking.
The same offer is extended to other students in UL. We hope that you can help us by telling friends, family members and fellow students what we’re doing and to share our posts on Twitter, Facebook and beyond.
Snapchat: ulfilmmaking