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DCU Student Who Was to be Deported Granted an Extended Stay

DCUSU (Dublin City University Student Union) has announced that a student who was facing deportation has received an extended stay.

Shepherd Machaya, a second-year student in DCU, who was facing deportation from October 21st 2018, is now able to stay in the country until February 2019.

In a statement released by DCUSU, Shepherd was grateful for the support given to him throughout the past few days. “This is a very tangible win for those who have contributed to the campaign and something that highlights the power of the student movement”, says DCUSU.

The statement thanked those who had helped in both physical and online demonstrations, and who helped build support for the campaign.

DCUSU are now going to take the extra time granted to them to focus on the next steps, calling this the “end of the beginning”.

Shepherd was granted a scholarship to DCU under the “University of Sanctuary” scheme, which gives scholarships to refugees. According to DCUSU, “Machaya is an individual who embodies everything that we as Irish citizens strive to be”.

At the time of writing, DCUSU’s campaign had over 14,000 signatures, with national support from various TD’s across Ireland. Several student unions across Ireland have also pledged their support to DCUSU, with statements from UCC, Maynooth University and Waterford IT.