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Call for dublin city centre rainbow coloured pedestrian crossings

In a submission to Dublin City Councillors and Officials, both Dale and Noel have outlined three specific locations​ where the Rainbow Walks could be installed, in the hope to increase tourism, culture and to further boost the LGBT credentials the city has achieved in recent years.
“Following the successful passing of the Marriage Equality referendum, Ireland and especially Dublin is now seen as a beacon of hope around the world for many LGBT people who come from places less than welcoming to their gay citizens.
“The LGBT community has been welcomed with open arms by the people of Ireland and I feel that this would further bolster the support for LGBT people across Dublin City and the world,” commented Dale McDermott
“I have suggested three city centre locations where the Rainbow Walks could be installed that have significant meaning to the LGBT community in Dublin, ranging from George’s Street, outside City Hall and Panti ​Bar on Capel Street.
“These locations all have their own story to tell and I have done my best to explain in my submission to Dublin City Council how each location is viewed by the LGBT community,” he added.
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Having seen these rainbow coloured pedestrian crossings during a recent visit to the Castro District in San Francisco, Dale emphasised how much of a tourist attraction they are.
“I really feel that Dublin could seriously benefit from such a simple yet important and colourful touch to our beautiful city.
“Cities all over the world, from Tel Aviv to Sydney, have installed Rainbow Walks and given the fact that Dublin is now viewed as a prime location for gay people, this will send a further signal that Dublin is welcoming to LGBT ​people​ all over the world,” Dale concluded.
“I believe these proposals would be a positive and welcome addition to the streetscape in Dublin, and would serve as a reminder of just how far this great city has come when it comes to LGBT rights,” commented commented Noel Rock, Fine Gael Dublin City Councillor for Glasnevin and General Election Candidate for Dublin North-West. 
“I believe it would be good for Dublin, and I am glad to support this initiative.”