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100 minds, 1000 students, €1 million for childline

Founded in 2013, strives to deliver positive change through funding social programmes which protect and nurture children.
Having raised €247,000 for both Barnardos and Blossom Ireland in 2014, this year hopes that Childline will receive the incredible €1,000,000 that they are determined to raise through recruiting 1,000 driven, ambitious third level students.
The 170 mentors, a team of recent graduates working in top companies such as Google, Bank of Ireland, Twitter and LinkedIn will motivate participants in achieving their fundraising goal, advise on any project initiatives and provide professional CV and interview assistance to the students throughout the process.
100minds Founder, Declan Egan said, “100minds gives college students the opportunity to be part of real social impact whilst developing their project management skills and providing them with a platform to showcase their abilities and stand out from the crowd in future job interviews. 
“It’s a win-win for everyone involved and signing up is now backed and endorsed by some of the world’s top graduate employers.”
Childline is Ireland’s only 24-hour listening service and it seeks to empower and support children using telecommunications and information technology. 
Over 600,000 children and young people contacted the service last year with issues such as abuse and violence, exploitation, addiction and suicide.
ISPCC Childline CEO Grainia Long said, “Last year 600,000 children called Childline, so many of those calls were from children in the gravest of need and urgent distress. Knowing that they had someone that they could call no matter what the issue really made a difference to their lives. 
“When you transform a child’s life you transform their whole future, so the work that is happening with the partnership between ISPCC Childline and 100minds is really, really exciting.”   
For its long-term survival Childline needs sustained and continued support, this is why the partnership with is so gratefully welcomed; the ambitious target of €1 million will have a significant impact, as Childline needs to raise €3.5 million in 2015 to keep its service fully operational.
100minds will run throughout the college year from September until April. For further details or to register you can visit and keep up to date via social media.