College Life

Choosing the Next Step in Education: Are you Preparing For First year of College?

It’s coming to that time of year again where many students are struggling make career choices. Here are some tips if you’re on the fence.

Do the research 

So you don’t know where to go to college or what to study. Sound familiar? Have a look on websites like Qualifax and browse potential courses you’d like to look at before heading to the open day. College’s own websites are a good place to start too. They’ll give you a feel for what the course and college might be like. These websites will give a step by step guide on what steps students can take to discover the right course and then ultimately the right college for them.

Talk to people already attending your choice college

Talking to people that are already in college and seeing how they’re getting on can be really helpful. Do they love their course and why? Is there anything they don’t like about the college? Ask away!

After you’ve done all your checking up on the course and college, its time for the college open day to be the decision maker. This is the best opportunity to ask the lecturers all about the course. Students will also have mentors who will show them around the campus. Try to get a squint at other areas like the canteen, the student bar, and the library and other areas you might frequent.

Ask questions 

College open days are a great way to get information about everything you need to know about going to college. Go to as many of these open days as you can. Between lecturers giving talks on their specific classes, and the college students showing you about and answering the anticipated questions you’re sure to have a better idea where you want to go and what you want to study.