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A Look The Best & Worst Things About Maynooth University

Having been a student of Maynooth University (NUIM) for the last three years now, I think I’m perfectly qualified to give a full lowdown on the greatest (and not so greatest) aspects of the college.

As the only university town in Ireland, the entire village acts as an extended campus for the students to take advantage of. Here are some of the best and worst things about the university.


The Best 

It’s size

One of the great features of Maynooth is that it’s a small, somewhat ‘cosy’ college, where the likelihood of you getting lost or more than a ten-minute walk from one end of campus to the other is minimal (unless you’ve just had a trip to Brady’s)

The south campus

It has been considered the ‘Hogwarts’ of Ireland and is especially pretty in the snow. Just be careful if you decide to walk in a straight line towards the clock in St Joseph’s Square, cause you know, you’ll fail everything.

The food

Mizzonis, PizzaDog, Apache, Yeah!Burgr, Chill Downtown, Supermacs, Maximus, or more places on campus like Phoenix, SU Bar, Londis, Starbucks in the library, or that coffee stand in the Arts building…you’ll never go hungry in Maynooth (but you may go poor from the cash you’re splashing on food).


The Worst 

There’s only one ATM on the entire campus

It’s usually out of service. Even when it’s fully functioning, don’t expect to get any crisp €20 notes from it, cause the only cash money you’ll be getting is a big €50 for that €3.50 chicken roll you want.

The Parking

The 9am scram to get to lectures is only intensified when looking for a parking space. Even when you think you have a parking space, there’s probably a sneaky smaller car hiding in the spot you think you’ve snatched. It’s probably better just to park in Aldi or Dunnes.

January Exams 

I could honestly sit here all day typing about how much I hate having exams in January (consider yourselves lucky if you got yours over and done with before Christmas), but New Years’ really doesn’t start till February for us poor Maynooth students.


What do you love and hate about NUIM?