College Life

A Campus guide – Your back to college checklist

Semester one is fast approaching. Your new timetable has landed in your college email and you’re trying to figure out how you’re going to balance work and assignments while still having a social life. So, we’ve tried to make your life just that small bit easier by creating a back to college checklist.

Whether you’re a returning student or you’re starting in first year our checklist will help you to organise yourself for the coming semester.


A decent school bag

Sounds like a given right? Wrong. I have seen so many helpless people carrying around folders and lunchboxes after their bag had broken earlier that day. Make sure to buy something that will last and that is of course, waterproof, especially if you plan on carrying around your laptop or tablet. You may not think you’ll be carrying all that much, but when assignment time rolls around, you’ll be laden down with borrowed library books. Thankfully *angels sing*, Campus has exclusive discounts for students, which gets you 15% off AND free delivery when you spend over €50 at Lifestyle Sports, so you needn’t empty your pockets to get a trusty bag.


A USB key

Returning students will know how important the USB key is. New students – you’ll find out soon enough. Your USB is your lifeline. All those assignments, note and slides, they need to be somewhere you can easily locate them. That’s not to say you should only use the USB key. Always back your documents up to another place.



Personally, I take great joy in shopping for stationary, maybe even too much joy, but hey, it’s the little things, right? You don’t need millions of pens and markers, just the basics. A few good pens, highlighters and a ruler will do you just fine. You should choose a good strong folder and dividers too. I cannot emphasise enough the importance of this. Having your notes separated into their relevant class makes life so much easier when exams roll around. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself rummaging through scraps of paper squashed at the bottom of your bag.


A laptop

If you don’t want to have to go to college or borrow someone’s laptop everytime you need to do college work, then I highly recommend buying a laptop that will last. This especially applies to people who live far from their university. Closer to exams the library will be jammers and most of the time it’s hard to get a seat, it can even be hard to find an empty lab. So if you don’t want to depend on their being vacant computer then I recommend buying one so that you have it whenever it is you need to work. I have had a Macbook for five years now and it’s never let me down AND you’d hardly know it was in my bag it’s that compact. We’re just that good that we’ve gotten a students 10% discount on Apple products so you can get your hands on a brand new laptop at a lower price.


A water bottle

Ok so, you might be laughing at me for this one and, to be honest, I totally understand, I laughed at myself too but this will save you some serious money. I had been buying water perhaps twice a day, 5 days a week for about three months before it occurred to me to just invest in something I can reuse. The average bottle is what,€1.20? If you bought a water bottle every day during a 30 week college year, you would end up spending roughly €180. Aint nobody got time for that. Use our 15% student discount at Lifestyle Sports to save yourself a bomb on water for the year.