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Maynooth Students Becoming Victims of Theft

Students at Maynooth University have expressed anger after several instances of theft on campus has left them without money and laptops.

These instances occurred in the Phoenix building in particular, on North Campus. Devon Mullally, third year student Psychology through Science student in Maynooth, had 200 euro taken from her purse just last week. She was carrying a large amount of cash as “it was my wages from the weekend. I was intending on going to the bank after the gym”.

Mullally, while using the gym upstairs, had left the money in her purse in her bag downstairs. She believes that the security for the gym is too lax. “I think the college need to stop letting just anyone into the gym. The card swiping system is there for a reason, and yet all you have to do is wave to the people at reception if you don’t have a student card and they’ll let anyone in”.

Katie Mary Deegan, a Final Year Business Management student who also suffered theft in the college, had a smaller sum of money taken from her purse during exam time. While she was sitting an exam, “my school bag was in the girls changing room. My laptop and everything was left it was just the 60 euro cash from my purse was taken. I had nothing in my bank account as I had taken work off for exams so couldn’t top up my leap card and had to contact my mam to transfer me money just to get home”. The average exam in Maynooth lasts between one – three hours.

While Deegan reported the theft on the university’s social media, Mullally reported the theft to the campus security, but they did not find the culprit.

“I reported the theft to the security, they reckon it’s not even a student, because anyone can walk in there. Security says it happens so so frequently there, every week or couple of weeks someone comes to them saying €50/€60/€100 have been stolen off them.” Neither of thefts were resolved.

Although there are lockers available in the building, these are not actively encouraged by the university, according to Mullally. “, I don’t know how to go about buying one/ paying for them or anything, I’ve never seen info about them encouraging people to use them in the changing room and I’m in and out there every day”.

For instances like Deegan’s, whose money was stolen during the exam period, these lockers are open for all students sitting in exams, and they are not provided with locks. Mulally belives that “more signs need to be put up in the changing room reminding people not to leave valuables”.

Welfare Officer Aoife Farrell did not respond to a request to comment.

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