College Life

7 Things Every UL Student Should Know

Realise that the 304 is never on time

The 304 is the bus service from UL into Limerick and vice-versa which runs as regularly as I do, which isn’t very often. Please do not depend on the bus if you need to be anywhere on time.

Even though it is only roughly 15 minutes into town, it can take up to an hour sometimes. Try get the bus a lot earlier than the time that you need to be in by.

Do not use your house for the first house party

Especially not during Freshers’ week. Seriously. Your house will get wrecked and covered in drink, puke and other weird shit and looking back on it, it’s definitely not worth it.

There will also be some really ignorant lad who will trash your house to look hardy and you will end up despising him for the rest of the year.

Be 5 minutes early to a class if it’s on in the main building
The main building is a maze. There are fourth years who don’t know how to navigate the main building. If you have a class in the main building, try get there early because you will end up wondering where the hell B1023 is for the first three months (or years).

Download YikYak

YikYak is an app where people in your area can put up funny posts and it’s fair to say UL YikYak is up there with the best of them.

Posts are checked by YikYak before they are posted so no bullying is tolerated. Click to make UL your herd and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Respect Black Dog

It’s an unwritten rule, but it’s probably one of the most crucial ones. Black Dog has roamed UL campus for God knows how long and must be respected. He’s just a friendly black dog that likes biscuits and sitting outside of the library waiting for a pet down.

Hello Munster

This won’t apply to every first year, but if you like handsome rugby players, Munster rugby train on the Kilmurry pitches every Monday around midday. Do with this information what you will.

There are people to help you settle into college life
It sounds corny, but UL is a great place to go to college. It’s relaxed and friendly and a lot less scary than most big universities.

If you’re struggling, feeling a bit lost or a bit homesick, there are a lot of people you can talk to including the First Seven Weeks team, the counselling service, the chaplaincy service, your academic advisor or any lecturer you feel comfortable talking to.

College is a great opportunity and experience, but that doesn’t mean that people don’t ever feel down or worried about something both inside and outside of college life.

The main thing is that it’s okay not to be okay and that there are support services that can help with whatever you may be feeling.