College Life

6 mistakes to avoid next semester

None of us are perfect, and us students, in particular, like to sometimes be a bit lazy and have some fun. We work hard and we deserve these pleasures in life, but for the sake of our stress levels and our grades, there are a few mistakes that we should probably avoid doing in the coming semester.

Buying lunches.

This is one that I got hit with last semester, and trust me, the money you spend on lunches every day adds up. The best thing to do is prepare a lunch the night before, pack a snack, and get yourself a reusable water bottle so you don’t have to toss away a euro or two every time you’re a bit parched. Think of everything you can do with all of that money spent on chicken fillet rolls and bottles of water.

Binge drinking.

Let’s admit it, sometimes it’s funny when we get a little too jolly after a few drinks and do things that we wouldn’t do if we were sober. But at the same time we can take it too far, and giving yourself a pounding headache and the dreaded ‘fear’ when you have assignments to do and exams to study for isn’t an ideal situation. We can have fun without taking it too far and giving ourselves a hefty hangover!

Leaving things until the last minute.

While we want to have the best time we can with our limited time at college, leaving things until right before they are due isn’t the best idea. Let’s be real, we’re at college for one primary reason: that is to get a degree or qualification at the end. The only way to do that is to pass your assignments and exams and the best way to do that is to get a head start and avoid the last minute cramming that none of us enjoy. It’s all about balance!

Skipping lectures.

We all do it, but we all know how not enjoyable it is when you have to go about planning an essay or study for an exam and you weren’t at the lecture to have the concepts explained to you. Powerpoint presentations and your friend’s notes can only do so much.

Having notes mixed up and unorganised.

There’s nothing worse than when you have to study for one of your modules and Week 1 notes are in one notepad, Week 2 notes are in a different note pad, and Week 3 notes are on loose pieces of paper. It’s best to get organised at the start of the semester and have separate designated notepads or folders for different modules. You will thank yourself when it comes to exams and essay writing.

Getting wrapped up in the stress.

Stress and panic have never helped anyone. During stressful parts of the college year when things seem to be piling up, it is best that we look after ourselves by making sure we get plenty of sleep, eat right and get plenty of exercise so that we have a clear mind when tackling the goals of the day. The best way to achieve anything is a positive state of mind.

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