College Life


1) We stole our wine opener from one house and our sweeping brush from another house because we lost ours- yes, you read correctly, we lost our sweeping brush.
2) Our oven was smashed on a night out and we had to split the fine between us and I can honestly say, to this day, that I have no idea who smashed our oven.*
3) Our mop got broken because my housemate took the mop head off and used the stick as part of his ninja turtle Halloween costume.
4) We began the year with 8 drinking glasses; they all broke. We looked in the attic of the house and found 8 more glasses to replace them with around Christmas time. We ended the year with no drinking glasses.
5) There was once smashed glass on our floor for over a week because the person who broke it didn’t clean it and everyone else was too stubborn to.
6) For a while, we were using a broken lunch box as a dustpan.
7) It took us over a week to realise that we needed to turn the hot water on and wait for it to heat up (a lot of cold showers were had).
8) We bought an outdoor ornament. He was a hedgehog and we called him Bob. Bob was microwaved and eventually hoovered up by my housemate. Bob was a trial for a goldfish. Needless to say, we decided we weren’t ready for one.
9) Sometimes I went to my friend’s house to eat because our kitchen was in such a state.
10) I stole some of someone’s cheese once.
*If anyone has any information regarding the oven in Plassey 18, please contact us. I’m not even mad anymore, I’m genuinely interested in how someone managed to smash all the glass on the front of our oven without anyone in the house hearing or seeing it.