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Fake news & setting the agenda. Who is to blame?

An FBI agent investigating Secretary Clinton’s email leaks has been found dead in his apartment suspected of a murder-suicide. That’s according to the Denver Guardian; a website created for the

University College Cork announced the launch of a new autism-friendly project

University College Cork announced the launch of a new Autism Friendly Project last Thursday. The project, which has been in collaboration with AsIAm, the Disability Support Services and the

A letter to final year you

College Life editor Laura Smith look’s at a letter she would give to her final year self. Work hard in silence and let the success be the noise. As you enter final year your time as a caterpillar

The Importance of Knowing Your Rights As A Tenant

The name of the student has been changed on request. The best thing about moving out of your family home is the freedom it entails. The majority of people who attend university tend to live on campus

Will We Ever Be Homeowners?

As a 22 year old, who has just finished her final year of college, moving out of my family home is not looking like an option for me anytime in the near future. In DCU a local student accommodation

Unpaid Internships: The Exploitation of Young Working Professionals

Chances are if you are working in a creative field, such as fashion, film, music or journalism, you are now expected to work for free to start your career. I am sure a lot of us student journalists