College Life

Roommate’s Mouldy Chilli Has Entered Second Week

Tensions are quietly flaring at a home in Cork rented by 3 students where for the past two weeks housemate Louis Greaney has neglected to do anything about a bowl of chilli left exposed on the

The Many Pressures Of Travel On The Average College Student

“If you haven’t done ‘The Holy Trinity’ by graduation, did you even go to UCD?” For most of you reading this, it would be hard to find parallels between ‘The Holy Trinity’, as we

Work Experience In College

Work is an inescapable pathway that everyone has to go through eventually in life. The most common time when students first access any form of work is after graduation from high school when they look

Snooker's Biggest Tournament Continues to go Against the Grain

A counterculture is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as “a way of life and set of attitudes opposed to or at variance with the prevailing social norm”. In the fast-paced modern world of

The Future Of The Irish Language

It’s been a while since Ciara Ní É’s Tweet on the Irish language went viral and caught the attention of Gaeilgeoirs and English speakers alike. Her Tweet prompted a social media revolution

The Truth About Being An Intern

As part of my journalism course, I was required to go on work placement for at least six weeks. So, at the start of this semester, I moved back home and completed a 12-week work placement in my local