College Life

Brexit: Where are we now?

The British parliament broke with tradition and sat on a Friday to continue debating the EU withdrawal bill. Westminster must decide whether to accept May’s plans for a structured exit and

Things You'll Love & Hate About Your College Experience

College is an exciting new chapter in a lot of people’s lives. It is a chance to break off and do your own thing and helps you to distinguish yourself as an individual as you fuel your passion.

A Look The Best & Worst Things About Maynooth University

Having been a student of Maynooth University (NUIM) for the last three years now, I think I’m perfectly qualified to give a full lowdown on the greatest (and not so greatest) aspects of the

What's it Like Being a DCU Student?

DCU regularly hits the headlines with stories such as when students tried to save a student from being deported with the #SaveOurShepherd campaign and when the Accounting and Finance society came

Ireland to Face Major Repercussions if There's a “No-deal” Brexit

There will be major repercussions for Ireland in the event of a “no-deal” Brexit, according to a DCU professor. Deiric Ó Broin, a lecturer in the School of Law and Government in DCU, believes

The Living Off Campus Experience

Living on campus is handy and great if you are lucky enough to get it. I am in my final year at Dublin City University and I never got on-campus accommodation. I was still lucky enough to get