College Life

Is It Possible To Save And Be A Student?

Trying to manage being a full-time college student, having a social life and working a part-time job can be seriously tough work. Having three months off for summer seems great as it gives you a

Looking After Your Mental Health in College

College can be an amazing experience both academically as well as socially; learning new things, meeting new people and having the opportunity to try new things. However, college can also bring its

Education With Autism: My Experience

I’d thought for years that I’d never go to college. When I was completing my Junior Cert in school, I worked really hard and gave everything I had into my exams, but for some reason those stellar

Working Part Time In College: A Good Idea?

It all adds up: fees, rent, transport, food, socialising, etc. Despite the array of discounts, student life can be frightfully expensive. While there are financial aids out there for students,

8 Mistakes I Made During my First Semester

If only I could turn back the hands of time….. Here are the 8 mistakes I made during my first semester.   Signing up for all the societies (and paying for them all). If you’re like me,

A Campus guide - Your back to college checklist

Semester one is fast approaching. Your new timetable has landed in your college email and you’re trying to figure out how you’re going to balance work and assignments while still having a