Forget about those pesky early mornings and assignment blues, and get a head start with these college essentials.
It's that time of year again where we’re moving out, heading to college and trying to fend for ourselves. Ahh yes even the thoughts of it are sending shivers down my spine. It's a good thing so that at, we've made a list of the top 10 college essentials that every student needs. 
One of the most important things when preparing for college is to be organised. It’s a good place to start and ensures that you have somewhere to put all your college essentials. There is a wide range of organisers available from desk and drawer storage organisers to shower and shoes. It’s a great way to save space whilst keeping your room clean at the same time.
It’s the little things
This probably isn't as important as toiletries, but it might just save you one night when you’re sitting wondering what to do with your friends. A deck of cards, Monopoly and Cards Against Humanity are great to keep you and your pals entertained. Late nights, eating pizza and playing these games are the memories that you will cherish looking back on your college days. Bring them along to pre-drinks and the craic is sure to be had!
There's always one
Whether it's my earphones, phone or laptop charger, I always manage to forget at least one! Having a spare pair of earphones in your student accommodation is a good idea. That way you’ll never be without your music. One must-have for college is a portable USB charger, these are lifesavers on long days for when your phone dies. They don't cost much either, which is always a great plus.
Unpredictable weather
Going to college here in Ireland, we should all be prepared for any type of weather. So pack your winter woolies, hot water bottles and a spare blanket for those cold days. Expect plenty of rainy days, so an umbrella is a great investment that will fit right into your pocket or handbag. Last but not least, a good pair of shoes is essential and will get through you the rain, snow and those frosty mornings.
Every student at one point or another will feel homesick. Whether it's Mammy's dinner or fighting with your siblings, we are all bound to miss something. Not coming home to the familiar faces and atmosphere is tough. That's why bringing a little reminder of home is always comforting. At least you know it's always there when you need it.
I have to buy my own toilet roll?
So apparently now that we don't live at home, we have to buy our own shampoo, conditioner and toilet roll, along with plenty of other toiletries. This can prove to be very expensive, which makes it essential to shop around and have a good look to find out where the best value for money is. Make sure to use your student card as well to avail of any potential discounts.
Packing for college means having to find a duvet, pillow, sheets and the list can go on. The start of the new college year is a great time to shop around as plenty of stores stock up on college essentials. Penneys have an amazing selection of homeware bargains. This includes cushions, fairy lights and storage boxes, along with bath mats, pillows and duvets. Who said your room can't be as stylish as your wardrobe? 
A good value bag
Between your laptop, books and notepads, it can feel like you're going back to secondary school carrying around a heavy bag. That's why a good value bag is important to make your life that little bit easier. There are great value bags out there that are affordable, but also stylish. It may not be on the top of your college essential list, but it might just come in handy when you least expect it.
Student cookbook
That’s right, a cookbook. For those of us that can't cook, a cookbook especially for students is brilliant for delicious recipes at a low cost. With easy to follow instructions and ingredients, you can be sure to be provided with nutritious meals that won't break the bank.
AIB Student Plus Account
Finally, before you even set out for college, it is essential to be prepared financially for the year ahead. The AIB Student Plus Account is designed to make it easy for you to manage your money, so it doesn’t interfere with your studies or your nights out! Why worry about all the money stuff when you've got some memories to make! For further information about the many benefits that you can avail of, just click here

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