College is the best time to start saying ‘yes’ to all new opportunities available to you. Keep your options open this college year, and discover yourself!
Yes to new friends
By joining a society at college, you never know what potential friends await you. Saying yes to new situations puts you in contact with people you would have never met otherwise. Networking at different events will allow to broaden your circle of friends and contacts. 
Yes to facing your fears
College is your chance to grow, and become the person you’ve always wanted to be! The first step is to say yes to activities outside of your comfort zone. Face your fears and practice public speaking or rock-climbing. Now is the time to make progress and hone new skills. 
Yes to responsibilities 
Start saying yes to taking on new responsibilities and roles. Have confidence in yourself and know that you are capable of doing anything if you try hard enough! View yourself as someone who can take the lead in difficult situations. 
Yes to growth 
Regardless of what new venture you try, you will gain experience and grow as a person. Fall in love with your own personal development, and embrace the challenge. You are the protagonist at the start of a film and your character development can only go up!
Yes to AIB Student Plus Bank Account
While exploring new opportunities, it is important to keep control over your financial issues. AIB will cover this for you with their bank account designed specifically for college students!

You can also get a superb 20% off at for the whole college year when you open your student bank account with AIB and download the JUST EAT app. 
For more information about how to manage your money and ensure that it doesn’t interfere with your studies or socialising, just click here.
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